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Web site is open for use to end-users and travelplanbooking.com sub agencies. Sub-agencies that are using the hoteladvisor.net travel portal accept the terms of use dedicated to the agency agreement. Please carefully study and read this agreement before you start using this web site. By accessing and using the web site, you agree to be bound to the below stated terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you are allowed not to access and use this web site or in case you have already started using this web site you should stop the usage immediately. ''www.travelplanbooking.com' is allowed to change this agreement at any time; upon placement of changed agreement on web site these changes immediately become valid. In order to be informed of these changes you agree to review this agreement periodically and continuation of your access and usage of this web site will definitely imply that you have accepted the changed conditions.

1. Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Copyright:

Products, information, data set, pictures, texts, icons, visual and auditory corporations images, video clips, files, web site, software-cods' html code and other codes, designs, catalogs and lists found on web site cannot be reproduced, copied, distributed, processed nor will it be sent online or by using another method; Either by above mentioned activities or by other methods, user accepts and commits that he/she will not enter into competitive position with Travel Plan directly and/or indirectly.

All kind of information and material found on the Web site;

The whole web site cannot be used in different ways and purposes by revising complete web site or part of it, by adding or changing one part of it.

Trademarks, services, logo etc. belonging to the 3rd person or institutions found in the statements on the web site in form of warning and brackets, can not be removed from the site when quoting.

2. Changing terms of the agreement

Hoteladvisor.net has the reserved rights to change, make additions or change the terms and conditions without prior notice or without giving any reason before or after making changes. User agrees that use of this web site is limited to the current version.

3. About providing links to third party's sites

''www.travelplanbooking.com', may give direct or indirect connections (links) to other sites. The purpose of these links is to provide information or commercial nature. Because ''www.travelplanbooking.com' does not have any control over links founds on the web site, user accepts ''www.travelplanbooking.com'  does not have any responsibility for the links and sources found on this web site and also it is not responsible for any content, commercials, product or other material found on web sites related to these links. User also agrees that www.travelplanbooking.com cannot be neither directly or indirectly responsible for any damage or loss caused by trusting in any content, product or services found on this web sites/sources or for any reason regarding or being related to usage of these web sites.

4. User information:

On www.travelplanbooking.com web site there are sections reserved for users to fill out their reservation forms and requests. In this section, while filling out the regarded fields users do not have rights to use profanity, threats, incitement, offensive words, use illegal content and damage the legal and personal rights of others. In addition, it is forbidden to copy these form or reproduce them for example or any other purposes. By using these pages, users do not have rights to sell products and services, make commercial advertisement and engage in similar commercial behavior

5. Rights and Obligations:

Content found on www.travelplanbooking.com web site is continuously controlled and updated. However, www.travelplanbooking.com  and its owner TravelPlan cannot be held responsible for the errors in information and prices found in the web site content; all kinds of changes and improvements can be made at any time. www.travelplanbooking.com web site and its owner TravelPlan  Inc cannot be held responsible for any reservations, sales and information change that may arise by error due to these changes.

6. Cancellation, Refund, Amendment Terms

Penalties for the refund and cancellation of the purchased air tickets are going to be implemented within the framework of airline cancellation rules.

Ticketing Service Charge collected during ticketing process will be non refundable; charge for refund, change and cancellation procedures will be 10 TL for domestic tickets and 20 TL for international tickets.

In case the airlines start with the applications of different refund and cancellation terms, current applications will be considered.

Refund for the refundable air tickets, will be done only to the credit card that was used during the purchase.

As a general airline rule and as required by the reservation rules, in case there are more than one reservation for one person on the same date range and same airline, only one of the repeated reservations will be valid and airline will cancel all other reservations without prior notice. Therefore, if you make several reservations on behalf of one person, hoteladvisor.net will not be held responsible for the cancellation of all your reservations.

7. Changes

To make changes for the already purchased flight ticket, you may do it either by yourself on our web site or by using help from the Travelplanbooking Support Line. You may use the section for ticket transaction found on our web site and forward your request in order to perform your transaction.

Information regarding change procedure entered into communication box found on ticket screen will be entirely under your responsibility; if you want this action to be completed as you wish it is very important to prevent misunderstanding that might be caused by lack of correspondence. Travelplanbooking.com is not responsible for the incorrect operation arising from bad or incorrect correspondence.

During the flight change process, if the certain penalty or refund is required by the airline rules for class/ route / and similar, again at the same screen, you will be asked for confirmation. Any operation and transaction that was not confirmed by your side will not be performed.

8.Bagaj Rights

Baggage rights for ticketing made on travelplanbooking.com web site are based on airlines baggage rules according to domestic and international line and whether it is about far, medium or near location. Charges for the baggage excess are applicable by the airline.

Information regarding baggage, pets, music equipment and other material that should be transported during the flight, you may forward to us in billeting part. This request will be notified to airlines as a note. In case it is not accepted during check-in by the airline company hoteladvisor.net cannot be held responsible for it.

9. Charter General Terms and Conditions

Charter flight stands for renting the plane from the airline company by the supplier firm in order to organize special trips. Charter flights differ from the normal scheduled flights in both the price and flight rules. Charter flight tickets cannot be bought directly from the airline company. Airlines are not allowed to show information about charter flights on their web sites. Charter flights sold on hoteladvisor.net are flights confirmed by the supplier. When you buy the charter flight on hoteladvisor.net, flight details will be sent to you through e-mail and SMS.

When you buy the charter flight on hoteladvisor.net, you are considered that you have accepted the below clauses. Hoteladvisor.net cannot assume any responsibility.

1. It is not possible to cancel or refund the charter tickets.

2. Any change on the ticket is not possible. Date, time, name and similar changes of information cannot be made.

3. Passenger information should be entered correctly and completely, without any missing information. It is entirely the passenger's responsibility to control the accuracy of these information.

4. 1 day before the flight the exact time and terminal of the flight should be confirmed.

5. During check-in on international terminal you should have your passport prepared. Otherwise, the passengers will not be accepted on the flight.

6. Flight date and time may change. Passengers agree to accept these changes in advance.

7. In case the name and surname of the passengers are not found on flight list and, due to this, he/she is not accepted on flight, passengers are obliged to accept the alternative flight.

8. Food and drinks can be charged during the flight.

9. travelplanbooking.com is not responsible for any problems that may be encountered at the customs entry.

10. For check-in and baggage handling, passengers should be present at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure ti

11. Passengers are responsible and obliged to have all the necessary documents with them, including visas.

12. If they do not realize the flight which they reserved, passengers are not allowed to refund the fee.

13. ''General Ticket Rules'' found on web site of the airline that operates the charter flight or at any other publication are valid.

In Travelplanbooking agency system parties may terminate the contract by prior written notification; In termination request, if agency has preferred monthly payment, it can leave the agreement by paying the monthly fees starting from date signed in the agreement; In case that the contract charge is paid in cash and discount is provided, refund of the payment cannot be requested.

www.travelplanbooking.com has all the rights reserved for the web site's usage and content. All the web site's rights belong to the owner firm Travelplan Inc. Any unauthorized use is prohibited by law.

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